Way To Go Campaign promotes a more sustainable Wales

Infographic provided by Wals Way To Go campaign

Infographic provided by Wals Way To Go campaign

Wales Way To Go campaign unveiled the Climate Week in Wales on 3rd March, which advocate people taking actions for a more sustainable country.

Way To Go is supported by the Welsh Government to encourage people to save energy and money from daily routines by showing real examples of positive action across society.

The campaign provides the public a detailed infographic as a representation to remind people to save energy and reduce carbon emissions at home and during travelling.

The Way To Go campaign this year is promoting water saving actions such as give away 500 water efficient showerheads free of charge to people and washing clothes at 30 degree centigrade.

The infographic has been sent to all rugby clubs, gyms and sports associations in Wales to encourage people to improve their shower facilities and reduce shower time.

Duncan McCombie, Director of Energy Saving Trust Wales and supporter of the Way To Go campaign said: “As much as 25 per cent of our household’s energy bill comes from heating water, so it stands to reason that we can all reduce our energy bills by reducing the amount of hot water we use. By replacing a daily bath with a shower each individual would save more than 15,000 litres of water a year.

“Also by reducing our shower time from 10 minutes to four minutes you will save 13,000 litres of water each year, the equivalent of 162 full baths. We would encourage everyone to give shorter showers a go. You can get just as clean and you’ll save on your energy bills.”

The campaign also touches on turning house heating down and wearing an extra layer instead, walking and cycling for short journeys and taking public transport for longer journeys.

The Climate Change Annual Report Wales of 2013 highlights that Wales is one of the first countries in the world to make sustainability a core responsibility of the government. Wales is making good progress with its plans to tackle climate change and has exceeded its annual 3 per cent target for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by achieving an overall decrease of 10 per cent.

Alun Davies, Minister for Natural Resources of Wales attended the EU Environment Council in Brussels to discuss Europe’s approach to climate change and energy, marked the opening day of the Climate Week. The council meeting discussed how to make the EU’s energy system more competitive, secure and sustainable.

Alun Davies said: “Tackling climate change also presents us with the opportunity to create jobs, stimulate green growth and tackle poverty, but to do this we need to adapt and do things differently to ensure the best possible future for Wales.”

By Chenxi Li

Climate Week http://www.climateweek.com/
Sustainwales http://www.cynnalcymru.com/


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