Cardiff calls for world freedom and anti-slavery

People around the world stand for freedom on 9 April

People around the world stand for freedom on 9 April

Stand For Freedom Day was marked with Cardiff IJM Student Justice Community participating in the global event to attract people’s attention on the slavery and trafficking in the modern time.

“The stand for freedom is standing for nearly 30 million people, who are currently slave in the world. They have no way out.”

“We just need more people to know, more people to put, to use their voices, to use their economic power to fund rescue mission,” said Jason Bushell, who is the regional representative for Wales of the International Justice Mission(IJM).
Mr Bushell, a history teacher who specialises on slavery, told the Wales Weekly that there are three times more slaves today than during the 400 years of Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

“It doesn’t happen in the open, it happens behind the scenes, mainly in the developing world. There are laws on the statute books against slave labour, human trafficking, etc. but they are not enforced. Slave owners and traffickers can victimise the poor knowing that they can get away with it,” Mr Bushell explained.

When talked about the situation in Wales, Mr Bushell said: “There is an increasing awareness of people being trafficked in Wales, but the statistics were not good. Last year for example, while only 50 people were recorded as victims of trafficking, first responder organisations will tell you that they deal with many more and that the real figure is much higher. IJM, however, works with victims of violent injustice in the developing world where slavery /human trafficking happens on a far vaster scale than here in the UK.”

Mr Bushell said that IJM rescued nearly 3,500 people from slavery last year and there are over 4000 people receiving after care service for the traumatic time when they are being slaved at present.

“We also seek to make sure that the perpetrators are held countable for their actions, last year, for example, 153 criminals were convicted and sent to prison thanks to IJM’s intervention,” Mr Bushell added.

This year is the 20th anniversary of the Rwanda genocide, and Mr Bushell said the founder of the organisation, Gary Haugen was in charge of the UN investigation into the Rwanda genocide in 1994.

“That’s why he was convinced of the need for people to go represent to make sure that laws in the country are enforced to protect people against everyday violence, the UN estimate four billion people are not protected by the law, that is more than the half world population.”

The International Justice Mission presents in Wales for six months and this is the first time for them to organise such event.

By Bing Li

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