Chinese English teacher will be trained at Wales

Chinese English teacher

A new education scheme allowing Chinese English teachers to be trained in North East Wales has been signed between Welsh government and the China Scholarship Council.

The scheme will offer an opportunity for Chinese English teachers to study in Coleg Cambria for three months to improve their English teaching skills. It is cooperating between Welsh Education Department and Dong Fang International Centre for Educational Exchange, the China Scholarship Council.

Hawk Bai, a leader of the English teacher training project from Dong Fang International Centre said: “We plan to have about 25 participants in the first round of this study trip and it will start on September 10 2014.”

Each training teacher will be assigned to a local school and will follow learners in classes and support the local teachers in the classroom during the training period.

“The training teachers will learn how to develop resources, teaching plans and strategies,” Mr Bai said.

Yale College will offer English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) courses to improve teachers own skills of language as well as principles of teaching English to second language speakers to the English teachers from China.

The teachers need to pay around £5,000 per person for accommodation, insurance and so on for the study in Yale College, Wrexham, a part of Coleg Cambria.

Welsh teachers may also have the opportunity to learn some basic Chinese and Chinese Culture.

Yale College got a ‘good’ level of the current performance in a test conducted by Estyn Inspections, Her Majesty’s Inspectorate for Education and Training in Wales in 2013.

By Xi Zhang

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