Swedish technology firm creates a portal to faster healthcare in Wales by going digital

A Swedish technology company Anoto has set up a new portal in five councils in Wales to support a faster access to healthcare documentation by using digital pens and paper tools.

Based on the trail experience and the success of 300 users in Gwent since 2011, the company has expanded its support in Wales to Newport, Caerphilly, Monmouthshire, Torfaen and Blaenau Gwent. These five councils will start to use the new portal from this month for healthcare recording among 9,000 doctors, hospitals staff and carers.

The digital pen could capture the user’s handwriting and graphic data on the paper tools and transmit to a data portal instantly.

“All the care episodes are recorded against a single patient record, providing a log of episodes of care received by patients. The doctors could accept appointments and access all the patient information as and when needed,” said Richard Sargent, project delivery director of Anoto UK.

The portal will give immediate access to patients’ information to hospital staff allowing them to update records in real-time from computers or smartphones.

“The system will save the carers around ten minutes per patient visit with reductions in travel costs as carers do not need to return to the hospital in between visits. Patients can thrive better in their own homes and familiar surroundings,” Mr Sargant said.

“It also reduces unnecessary admissions, as well as improving staff safety and the quality of care,” Mr Sargent added.

“The new portal is quicker to navigate and loads information faster, which is great as I have to navigate it frequently when on the phone most days,” said Patricia Bartley, co-ordinator at the Gwent Frailty Team.

The company intends to develop an ‘eHealth and eSocial care system’, which it says could reach other parts of Wales in the coming years, targeting 9,000 doctors, hospital staff and carers.

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